Thursday, September 2, 2010

A great write up of DERMASPACE & The Iderm Facial Treatment!

Step aside, treadmills and Stairmasters -- there’s a new kind of gym in town, the “Skin-Gym.” With Dermaspace’s Iderm Facial Treatment, or “Skin-Gym,” toning and tightening aren’t just for glutes, triceps and biceps anymore. It’s your face’s turn to get fit. If the typical spa facial is a walk in the park, then the Iderm Facial Treatment, which focuses on deep tissue cleansing, is a one-on-one session with a personal trainer.

Experienced esthetician and owner of Dermaspace, Jody Leon, is Washington State’s only certified Iderm Facial Treatment specialist, so when you’re with him, your skin is in good hands. He begins the treatment’s four-step process by assessing each client’s skin type. Next comes the detoxification preparation, which he accompanies with a relaxing arm and hand massage – working out never felt so good! After a thorough deep cleaning, Jody ends the treatment with a procedure called ionization, which firms the skin, shrinks pores and decreases inflammation, among other things. Just think of it as the equivalent of a post-workout cool down.

With obvious results and no heavy lifting required, the “Skin-Gym” is the kind of workout everyone dreams of, and at only $85 ($50 for first time clients), this is the kind of deal you can’t refuse.

Courtesy of Local Twist

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